Stallion Reports

Stallion Reports


The Weekly Stats tab show stallion activities each week. That includes how many covers occurred, how many scans recorded, and the rate of positive pregnancies.

Default period for the report is from the first day of this season to current date. You may change the date range.
Default view excludes archived Stallions. You may tick on the checkbox to see results of old Stallions.
The stats are collected by Stallions. You can view the total number or by each Stallion and the total of the whole farm. 
The date in the column label is the first day of the week (Sunday).
Mares Served: Total mares who were served by the standing Stallions during the week. 
Mares Scanned: Total mares who were served by the standing Stallions and they were scanned during the week (including scan 1, scan 2 and scan 3).
Positive Scan Results: Total positive results of mares scanned. 
Negative Scan Results: Total negative results of mare scanned. 
Success Rate = (Total positive results)/ (Total mares scanned during the week)
User can print the report or save the report as csv. 


From your Breeding > Dashboard, you can display or report all Stallion Services for a selected season.

This report displays each Mare covered and the date and appointment, along with the results of her pregnancy scans.

You can choose to View, Export as a CSV file or Save/Print a PDF report.


The Stallion Fertility Report provides important data for your management of your standing Stallions.

Navigate to Breeding > Dashboard, then select Stallion Fertility Report from the reports drop-down list. 

Click on the filter icon if you need to run the report for a previous season - otherwise, this will default to the current season.

You can choose to View, Export as a CSV file or Save/Print a PDF report.

The report will measure Stallion fertility and list out all Mare Services for each Stallion.

The data for each Stallion includes 2 tables
The Summary Table
The Mare Service Table

The first row of the Summary table displays the following information for each mare served in the selected season:

Served = Number of mares served
Scanned = Number of mares with a Scan 1 result recorded (either positive or negative) 
Missed = Number of mares with a Scan 1 (Negative) result, PLUS number of mares whose pregnancy was Aborted (user clicks abort action) before Scan 1
Missed % = number of mares ‘Missed’ / number of mares Scanned
In Foal = Number of mares with a Scan 1 (Positive) result
In Foal % = number of Mares ‘In Foal’ / number of mares Scanned
Slipped = Number of mares with Scan 1 (Positive) but either Scan 2 (Negative) or Scan 3 (Negative) recorded, or Pregnancy Aborted
Scan 1 (+) = Number of mares with current status Scan 1 (Positive)
Scan 2 (+) = Number of mares with current status Scan 2 (Positive)
Scan 3 (+) = Number of mares with current status Scan 3 (Positive)
Foaled = Number of mares who have foaled 

Note: Summary numbers above are based on the last service task of each booking.
The second row of the Summary table displays the following information for each mare service in the selected season: 

Covers = number of Covers / Services (e.g. if the mare has been covered twice by a Stallion in the same season, Covers = 2. But this exclude Cross Covers)
Scans = number of Scan 1 results (either positive or negative) 
Misses = number of Scan 1 (Negative) results PLUS number Aborted (user clicks abort action before Scan 1
Positives = number of Scan 1 (Positive) results
The Mare Service Table will list out all mares served by each Stallion in the selected season:

The data is ordered by Mare Name. The table displays the last status of each mare service, including:
‘Missed’ = Scan 1 result is Negative or Aborted before scan 1
‘Slipped’ = Scan 1 result is Positive but Scan 2 or Scan 3 result is Negative, or Aborted after Scan 1
‘Cross Covered’ = service task with the result of Cross Covered
‘Served’ = Mare has been covered but no Scan results have been recorded yet
‘Scan 1/2/3 +ve’ or 'Scan 1/2/3 -ve' = the latest scan results
'Foaled' = Foaling task completed
The Owner column displays the appointed Managing Owner. If not Managing Owner appointed, the report will list all Owners.


Stud Book Return is a report about the Stallion services on your farm. 

1. Go to Breeding section. 
2. View the first tab, Dashboard. Click on the + Stud Book Return button at the top right. 

3. This opens the Stud Book Return dialog window.

The season default is current season with the dates are prefilled. But you can update that manually then hit Search. 
The list of all covers of the selected season are loaded underneath.
Dates of Service are the served date. But you can manually update each date if needing to correct data by clicking on Edit icon. Save the change using the Check icon. 

Note: Changes you make here are not saved. It’s just updated within the dialog window for the purpose of the Stud Book Return.  
4. To export the file (in .txt format), check the covers you want to export or check all.

5. Click “Export TXT” button to export the file, or “Preview” to review it first. 

In Preview screen, if you click “Email” button, Send Mail dialogue window displays allowing you to input am email addresses you want to send that file to. The file will be added as an attachment in the email you send. 

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