Various Breeding module usability enhancements

Various Breeding module usability enhancements

Release Date: 6 July 2021

A few enhancements have been released to improve the usability of some screens in the breeding module.

Filtering by season in Schedule > Breeding Worksheet

You can now (optionally) filter by season in the Breeding Worksheet. When you selects one season to filter, the screen will show Breeding Tasks linked to Bookings only for the selected season.

This is useful when wishing to 'hide' pending breeding tasks from previous season(s), such as foaling tasks or any pending scan result tasks for walk-in mares. It ensures focus on current season breeding tasks.

Improved Cross Cover tasks and updated Weekly Stats report

Any Service task with a result of 'Cross Covered', is now excluded from the Weekly Stats report.

The Service task result is now updated to 'Cross Covered' only after a subsequent Cross Cover task is completed with a 'Served' result. Previously, the Service task result was set to 'Cross Covered' upon a Cross Cover task being created..

'Inconclusive' Scan Results

Upon completing a Scan Result (Web and Mobile), you can now optionally select 'Inconclusive', should the pregnancy scan be inconclusive (not yet confirmed as Positive or Negative).

Upon completing a Scan 1,2 or 3 task as 'Inconclusive':
  1. The system will automatically add a new Scan 1/2/3 with Plan Date in 2 days time;
  2. The system will not update the last status of the mare;
  3. The system will not auto-create expenses related to the Finance > Breeding rule;
  4. The system will not send breeding advice to the owner.
You can then complete the new Scan 1/2/3 task after re-examination, as normal, recording a Positive or Negative result at that time.

Foal Heat Scans now attached to upcoming season stallion booking

Upon completing a Foaling Task and recording a Foal, and upon accepting the creation of a Foal Heat Scan in 14 days time, the system will now attach the Foal Heat Scan to the next booking.
  1. If a stallion booking exists for the upcoming season, the Foal Heat Scan task will be automatically attached to this next booking after creating the task;
  2. If more than one stallion booking exists in the future for the mare, you can select the appropriate booking to attach the Foal Heat Scan to;

  1. If no stallion booking exists in the future for the mare, an error message will be displayed ‘’Sorry, there are no future stallion bookings for this Mare. Please create a suitable stallion booking first, and then manually add a Foal Heat Scan". You can create Foal Heat scan manually on that new booking.

Enable deletion of any Breeding tasks

On the Mare Profile > Breeding screen, you can now delete any breeding task. This is useful to clean up old, pending tasks now longer required.

When attempting to delete a Service, Cross Cover, Scan or Foaling task, you need to delete them in the correct sequence (reverse date sequence).

When attempting to delete a Uterine Swab, Clitoral Swab, PG, Re-examine, Ovulation or Foal Heat scan task, you can delete them any time.