Add new Owner and link to existing Owner account

Add new Owner and link to existing Owner account

16 September 2021 | General Management

When adding new Owners into your Prism portal, you can now link they Owner to the Owner's existing Prism account - if they already have one.

This is important for the Owner should they access the Prism Owners portal view their horses, horse updates and invoices. It will ensure ensure all horses in any/all Prism Trainer, Syndicator and Farm portals are visible in their owner account.

When adding a new Owner, if the Owner's email address is already used by an existing Owner account, link your new Owner to their existing account.

If your Prism portal is configured to email owner invitations, your new Owner will be emailed.

Encourage your Owners to Log In to their existing account upon receiving that email, rather than creating a new password. Regardless, this process will avoid duplication of Owner accounts and less issues when Owners login to the Prism Owner Portal.