[Feature] Management | Farrier Worksheet is now available

[Feature] Management | Farrier Worksheet is now available

Release Date: 18 June 2020

A Farrier Worksheet has now been released to aid the recording and historical view of Farrier tasks. 

The worksheet is available in the Schedule tab, allowing you to:
  1. select a specific Location;
  2. filter by Barn/Paddock, Horse Type and Horse Category
  3. sort by Location, Barn/Paddock, Horse Name, Horse Type or Horse Category
  4. print or export list to a CSV text file.
The report displays the two most recent Farrier Tasks, along with any notes recorded for each task.

When printing, all information displayed on screen, representative of any filters in place, will be included in the report. The report is sorted by Location and Barn/Paddock.

This report allows notes to be recorded manually, if desired, ready for updating in Prism post task completion.

We are currently considering whether this report should be Landcape rather than Portrait, to provide more room for writing notes. The report also currently includes upcoming tasks, but we are considering whether the report should exclude upcoming tasks and just display previous Farrier history. Your feedback on this worksheet will be welcome. Please email support@prism.horse.