[Improvements] General improvements for the month of January 2021

[Improvements] General improvements for the month of January 2021

Release Date: January 2020

Several minor improvements were released throughout January.

Faster page refresh speed

Stables and farms with a high number of horses and in particular, a high number of Barns/Paddocks and boxes, should notice some improvements in page refresh speed throughout the system. Some further optimisation was possible related to barn/paddock and box data.

Display 'Current Rating' in Horse Profile and Horse Report

Each racehorse's most recent rating  (from Racing Australia) is now visible on:
  1. the horse's Profile > Statistics page

  1. Report > Horse Report.

Previously, only the horse's best rating was visible.

This update is made available thanks to updated racing data feeds. 

However, please note that should a horse's rating change following the result of its last race, the current rating may not update until the horse next appears in a race nomination or acceptance. We are working with all relevant racing data feeds to improve this further - hopefully in early February.

Improvement to Horse Owner Extract report

In Report > Horse Owner Extract, two improvements have been made.
1. You can now choose to include or exclude owners with 0% shareholding interest (referred to as 'other members').

2. The owner's Finance Account now displays in the report, in addition to the owner's Display Name. This is to cater for owners who may have multiple finance accounts (e.g. one as an individual, and another as a Syndicate Manager)

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