[Prism PLUS] Introducing Prism PLUS

[Prism PLUS] Introducing Prism PLUS

Prism Plus is the latest innovation from Prism, providing another technological leap forward for the thoroughbred racing and breeding industries.

As a valued Prism customer, we want to give you the opportunity to try out this new module better manage your stable performance and horse welfare.

The new Prism Plus Tablet provides an additional layer of mobile functionality to enable more efficient stable and horse management. It is fully integrated into the Prism platform ensuring that you only need to use one system for all of your Stable and Farm Management needs.

Built with mobility in mind, Prism Plus Tablet adds many new features including:
  1. Configurable shortcuts for frequent Horse Note, Procedure and Task entry
  2. Bluetooth connection to microchip scanners for accurate horse identification
  3. Scanning of Horse, Box and Barn QR Code cards for accurate horse identification
  4. Simple one click Horse Note, Procedure and Task entries for staff
  5. Bluetooth connection to weight scales and thermometers for quick weight and temperature recording
  6. Horse Welfare flags for escalation of horse welfare concerns and rapid attention
  7. Additional dashboards and charts for improved stable and horse management and analysis
  8. Stable / Farm Dashboard for management oversight
  9. Custom industry dashboards to track operational performance against benchmarks
The equivalent Prism PLUS mobile app is coming in May 2022.

Subscribing to Prism PLUS will also provide additional data management and analysis features, which we will continually evolve to provide unprecedented data insight and simplified stable and farm operations. 
  1. Horse Welfare flagging for better horse injury and welfare management
  2. Custom stable/farm and industry benchmarking dashboards
  3. Integration to third party horse performance and welfare monitoring
To learn more about this exciting innovation and what it can do for your stable or farm, contact Pete Whittaker on 0458 896 350 or simply enquire here.


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