June 11, 2021

June 11, 2021

11 June 2020 | Finance, General Management, Breeding Management

Tax Invoice update: Tax Invoice format
Earlier in June, the format of Tax Invoices was enhanced to provide clarity on which invoice line items are taxable sales. If an invoice line is taxable, the tax invoice clearly states the GST payable. Learn more.

New Worksheet
General Management
A new Worksheet has been released to help stables and farms execute and track all procedure, farrier and dentist tasks - with more advanced filtering and worksheet printing capability. Learn more.

General Tasks update: Add completed General Tasks and tasks on multiple dates
General Management
When adding a General Task, such as a Farrier or a Dentist task, you now have the option to mark the task as Completed rather than Pending. You can also now select multiple dates when creating General Task. Learn more.

Stallion Service Fees update: Choose whether to create service fees manually or automatically
Breeding Management & Finance
Upon adding Service Fees and when adding stallions into your portal, the system no longer automatically adds Booking Rules into Finance. Learn more.

News feed, powered by Bloodstock Exchange
Communications & Owners Portal
Bloodstock Exchange's outstanding News Feed is now available inside each Prism portal and in the Owner Portal. Learn more.
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