[New Feature] Finance | Quick Share Sale Invoices

[New Feature] Finance | Quick Share Sale Invoices

To benefit Trainers and Syndicators invoicing owners for share sales, we have implemented a "Quick Share Sale Invoices" feature, or "Quick Invoices" for short.

Go to Finance > Add Invoice > Quick Invoice (instead of Single Invoice)

The Add Quick Invoice window allows you to raise an invoice or invoices to one or multiple Owners.
  1. Set invoice date
  2. Select horse being sold, the owner to be invoiced, and share % being sold
  3. Add Invoice Lines description
  4. Set the Total Amount, upon which the share % will be applied to (e.g. $9,500 total for the horse, so a 5% share sale will equate to $475)
  5. Set the receivable account and taxation rate and whether the amount to be invoiced is tax inclusive or exclusive
  6. Apply
  7. Repeat for multiple Owners

This generates a Draft invoice for each owner. It also opens the Edit Horse Ownership window to allow you to quickly add the owner to the horse. The new owner's name and share percentage automatically populates, so you just need to reduce the share % of another owner (typically your stable's ownership %), accordingly to ensure the total % owned in the horse remains at 100%.

Better still, when you next create a Quick Invoice for the same horse, all of the Invoice Lines used the previous quick invoice, are defaulted. So no need to enter them in all again.