How to add a Horse Note

[Horse Notes] Race Plan Note

09 August 2022 | Stable & Farm Management | Horse Notes

Horse notes are for any ongoing items you wish to document and keep a record of relating to the horse. 

Trainers can now enter Race Plan Notes for each horse on a future race date, to help keep track of planned race programs.

There are three ways to add a Race Plan Note.

1. From the Horse Profile > Notes tab click the New Note  button; or
2. From the Add Anywhere    button then click Horse Note

3. In the Schedule, click Lifetime View  and then click on any date, and select New Note.

In the Create Note screen, the horse will be pre-selected. Select Race Plan Note.

Enter your planned race on a specified data in the future, and optionally enter text comments.

This Race Plan Note will appear in:
  1. Horse Profile > Notes
  2. Schedule > Lifetime View
  3. Schedule > Calendar View
  4. Racing > Race Planning Page (for Prism PLUS subscribers only)

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