Resend invitations to the Prism Owners Portal

Resend invitations to the Prism Owners Portal

Release Date: 10 October 2021 | General Management
In the normal process of going live with your Prism subscription, particularly if you are subscribed to the Prism Communications or Finance modules, you may have invited your owners to setup a Prism Owner Account (or login to their existing Prism Owner Account) to view their horses owned in the Prism Owners Portal.

Often though, owners do not take action to setup their account at that time. 

You can now resend the invitation to any owner, straight from the Owner Profile.

Upon clicking 'Resend Invitation' on an owner profile, confirm that you wish to resend. This is a standard warning message just in case you have clicked the button by accident.

The owner will then receive the invitation to setup a Prism owner account.

By clicking on the button, the owner can set their password. If the owner already has a Prism owner account, they can simply click Login and they will see your operation and all horses they own.