[New Feature] Owner Notifications | Send Arrival or Departure Notifications to Owners

[New Feature] Owner Notifications | Send Arrival or Departure Notifications to Owners

Subscribers to the Prism Communications and Management modules can now notify owners of their horses' arrival to, or departure from, a location.

To enable this feature

1. Login under your Prism portal's master account and navigate to Arrival & Departure Notifications via your Profile.

2. By default, both Arrival and Departure Notifications are disabled. You may choose to enable either or both portal Notifications and/or Email Notifications to owners.

3. Click on the Edit action icon next to Arrival Advice, to view and modify the default Email Body of the Arrival Notification. 

TIP: Include the {procedurelist} placeholder to allow you to attach selected procedures when notufying owners and display within the email. Or you may remove the {procedurelist} placeholder if you never want to include recent procedures into your notification.

4. Repeat the same process for Departure Notifications.

Please also read this new release for enhanced information that can be added to departure and arrival notifications.

To send owner notifications upon arrival or departure from a location

1. Arrival and / or Departure Notifications can be triggered by any of the following three events:
a. Change Location via Horse Profile

b. Add Location History via Horse profile

c. Completing a Transport Task

2. Upon changing the location, adding a location history or completing a transport task, a dialog box will open asking if you wish to notify owners of either the arrival at the new location, or the departure from the previous location. You can choose your preference, or not send any notification.

3. If you choose to notify the owners of the arrival to, or departure from, a location, a dialog box will appear with the default email notification as set in your configuration. You may do any or all of the following:
a. modify the email text
b. add procedures, selecting from the list of recent procedures performed prior to the change in location, and including the list in the email text where the placeholder {procedurelist} is placed
c. attach media 

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